Theresa Kline graduate student space

Our graduate students have a newly renovated office and collaboration space. The space is named in honour of Dr. Kline who retired in 2012. 

The space includes:

  • A workstation area with space for 10 graduate students
  • A kitchen area with sink, fridge and microwave
  • A teams room with white boards for collaborations

Virtual Team perofrmance lab

Tom O’Neill and Kibeom Lee, Faculty of Arts – $170,000

Tom O’Neill, PhD., and Kibeom Lee, PhD., received funding in 2013 to build a pioneering laboratory space to model how virtual teams collaborate through communication technologies, and conduct research into team behaviour and the impact of psychological attributes of team members. This novel space, the only one of its kind in Canada, will develop ways to improve virtual team effectiveness through training, personnel selection, employee development, and team design. This timely and relevant research will help to further the University of Calgary’s focus on understanding human dynamics in a changing world. This is a shared space for all faculty and students in I/O Psychology to use.

The space includes:

  • A board room with Smart video conferencing technology
  • A large testing classroom with another Smart board
  • Four interview rooms equipped with multimedia computers
  • Powerful servers to collect video and audio data in real time

Employee recruitment and selection lab

Derek Chapman's lab

This space includes:

  • A main boardroom area for group discussions and team collaboration projects
  • Three office spaces for student and research space

Organizational behaviour and interpersonal influence lab

Joshua Bourdage's lab

This newly renovated space contains:

  • Three computer workstations for graduate student research
  • A conference table for team meetings

Reciprocity and Mutuality lab

Yannick Griep's lab

This newly renovated space includes:

  • Two work stations for graduate students
  • A couch area for students to collaborate and work