Meet our professors


Derek chapman, Associate professor

Derek completed his Ph.D at the University of Waterloo in 2000. He is interested in personnel recruiting, selection, and retention. His emphasis is on person-organizational fit, as well as technology use in recruiting and selection. In his spare time, Derek enjoys travelling and playing the guitar.

Hometown: Halifax, NS

Joshua bourdage, Assistant professor

Josh graduated from the University of Calgary with a Ph.D in I/O psychology in 2011. He returned to become an Assistant Professor at the university in 2013. His research interests are impression management, job interviews, leadership, personality, and group dynamics. An interesting fact about Josh is that when he plays basketball, he goes by the nickname of "Dr. J".

Hometown: Calgary, AB


Kibeom Lee, Professor

Kibeom graduated with a Ph.D in I/O psychology from Western University, and has been a professor at the University of Calgary since 2002. He created the HEXACO model of personality with his colleague, Michael Ashton. His research interests are personality structure/measurement, prosocial behaviour, antisocial behaviour, and work attitudes. In his spare time, Kibeom enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Thomas o'neill, Associate professor

Tom graduated from Western University and became an Assistant Professor at University of Calgary in 2011. His research interests are virtual teams, work team effectiveness, conflict and conflict management, personality, and methodology. Outside of academic work, Tom is into home beer brewing. 

Hometown: Red Deer, AB


Yannick griep, assistant professor

Yannick completed his from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with a Ph.D in I/O Psychology in 2016 and joined the University of Calgary in the summer of 2016. He is mainly interested in psychological contract dynamics, negative behaviour at work, organizational commitment, and time-sensitive methods to study everyday behaviour. In his spare time, Yannick enjoys travelling and adrenaline-related sports.  

Hometown: Brussels, Belguim

Jeff cairD, Professor

Jeff received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1994. Jeff specializes in Human factors research. Human factors uses a body of science and methods about human abilities (e.g., vision, attention, cognition, memory, motor), human limitations (e.g., multi-tasking, impairment), and other human characteristics (e.g., age, chronic disease) that are relevant to the design of interfaces, devices, environments and systems for human use. Human factors and I/O overlap in a number of areas including the training of workers, the interaction of groups and individuals with technology, the design of safe organizational systems that prevent death and injury, as well as other research domains. His broad areas of research include transportation and health care human factors. To balance life, Jeff swims, bicycles, listens to jazz and photographs nature. 

Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico, US.

Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory (CERL)
The Healthcare Human Factors and Simulation Laboratory is in the W21C Research and Innovation Centre, which is affiliated with the O’Brien Institute of Public Health in the Cumming School of Medicine.


Adam3 small.jpeg

Adam Murry, Assistant Professor

Adam Thomas Murry is interested in applied research that helps community organizations reach their goals. This involves program evaluation, needs assessments, developing and evaluation training programs, and consensus-based strategic planning. Much of his work focuses on Tribal organizations and the non-profit sector.