Course Offerings

Master's students are required to take 8 courses (1 introduction to I/O, 2 statistics courses, 2 breadth courses, and 3 700 level I/O courses)
Doctoral students are required to take 6 courses (2 breadth courses, and 4 700 level I/O courses)

Students are expected to take two courses per semester. Course work must be completed prior to Doctoral candidacy examinations.


Courses offered every year

639 – Advanced Industrial and Organizational Psychology:
Application of psychological principles, research and methods relating to human interactions and performance in work settings.

615 – Advanced Research Design & Analysis I:
Applications of the general linear model to research design and analysis. Topics include analysis of variance, regression, and analysis of covariance.

617 – Advanced Research Design & Analysis II:
Multivariate techniques and design issues, including canonical correlation, discriminant analysis, multivariate analysis of variance, multivariate regression, principal components analysis and factor analysis


Specialized I/O seminar courses

739 Seminar in Recruiting and Job Choice:
Application of psychological principles and methods to organizations with a focus on recruitment processes. An applied project will also be conducted.

739 – Seminar in Motivation and Leadership:
Application of motivational processes and leadership theories and methods to organizations. A case study or applied project will be conducted.

739 – Seminar in Teams in Organizations:
A critical review of team theories and best practices in the workplace. An applied project will be conducted.

739 – Seminar in Research Methods for I/O Psychology:
A wide variety of research methods and novel statistical analyses will be discussed.


Breadth courses

Students are encouraged to take courses from Social, Cognitive, and Human factors psychology as breadth courses. Other courses can also be taken, and must be discussed with your supervisor to ensure that they help develop your skill sets in accordance with SIOP requirements.