Ph.D Alumni

Dave Mayers - Ph.D, 2018
VP of Business Development, RightHire

Dave currently divides his time between teaching statistics and research methods in Calgary and working in the private sector. He works in the area of employee selection. He is the VP of business development at RightHire, and conducts executive assessments on behalf of executive search firms.

Julie Choi - Ph.D, 2018
Consultant, Deloitte

Upon graduating, Julie moved on to become a consultant within Deloitte’s Human Capital practice. She works predominately in the leadership space, helping C-Suite leaders gain insight into their individual strengths and development areas, and helping them increase their efficiency as an Executive Team. She also works more broadly in talent, and supports organizations as they build the tools and processes that are needed to improve the employee experience (e.g., performance management systems, competency frameworks).  

Jocelyn Wiltshire - Ph.D, 2016
Assistant Professor, University of Lethbridge

Jocelyn works as an Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management and Labour Relations at Dhillon School of Business, University of Lethbridge Calgary campus. Her research interests include personality and organizational politics.

Joshua Bourdage - Ph.D, 2012
Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

After graduating from the University of Calgary, Josh worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario. Recently, he returned to the University of Calgary as a faculty member in I/O psychology, where he has established the Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Influence Lab. He researches influence behaviors, leadership and personality.


Jennifer Nicol - Ph.D., 2011
Senior Organizational Effectiveness Advisor, Husky Energy Inc.

Jennifer’s work involves the design, implementation, and management of the following organizational programs: Organizational Competencies, Succession Planning, Career Development/Career Pathing, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Onboarding and Orientation.


Tunde Ogunfowora – Ph.D., 2009
Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Tunde worked as an Assistant Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina (for two years) and the Goodman School of Business, Brock University (for one year) before returning to the University of Calgary as an Assistant Professor in the Haskayne School of Business. Tunde’s research interests include leadership (both ethical and unethical), personality, and team behaviors.


Joe Schmidt – Ph.D., 2008
Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

After graduating from the University of Calgary, Joe moved on to become a consultant at a major consulting firm, Hay Group, for several years. Joe has since moved on to become an Assistant Professor in the Edwards School of Business in the University of Saskatchewan. Joe studies strategic human resource management, teams, and personality.


Chelsea Willness – Ph.D., 2008
Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Chelsea’s primary research focuses on how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and organizational reputation impact recruiting talent, employee engagement, and consumer behaviour. Some of her other research covers diverse topics such as the job search process, community engagement, and workplace incivility. She teaches courses on Recruitment, Selection, & Engagement; Leadership; and Training & Development in the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan.


Sarah Carroll – Ph.D., 2007
Program Director at the Professional Examination Service, New York

After graduating from the University of Calgary, Sarah worked as an Assistant Professor at Hofstra University in New York. She has since moved on to work at Professional Examination Services. She manages the assessment-related activities of national and international licensing and credentialing examinations for various client associations.


Kelly Piasentin – Ph.D., 2007
Psychometrician at Yardstick, Testing and Training Experts, Toronto

After graduating, Kelly has worked several fascinating jobs, including a Project Consultant with Assessment Strategies Inc., and several years working as a Defense Scientist for the Department of National Defense doing research related to organizational behavior to support military operations, including the study of cultural competence, and evaluation of training tools. She has recently begun work as a Psychometrician with Yardstick, Testing and Training Experts


Hal Whiting – Ph.D., 2006 
Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard Global Employee Engagement, Dallas

Hal is responsible for workforce planning and talent management within the LaserJet and Enterprise Services Division. He also acted as a lead business partner for five GM and vice-presidents and two VPs as well as thirty eight directors.Hal has also worked as a Sr. Consultant for Deloitte Consulting doing validation of leadership development and selection tools, as well as competency modeling. Prior to this, he worked for Bigby Havis doing consulting services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Pat Ferris – Ph.D., 2005
Partner at Janus Associates Psychological Services, Calgary
Partner at Calgary Psychology Group, Calgary

 Pat is a partner in and owns two large psychological practices: Janus Associates and Calgary Psychology Group Inc. The companies provide individual, couple and family counselling as well as Employee Assistance Programs and organizational development/training programs across Canada. These companies have 22 psychologists in their Calgary office and over 100 in their extended network. Pat oversees the practice along with the other partner, see clients and conduct training sessions on a wide variety of topics. I do critical incident work as well. Pat is also co-chair of the International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment Special Interest Group: Therapeutic Practitioners and is leading an international project to explore treatment of individuals who have been exposed to workplace bullying.


Laura Hambley – Ph.D., 2005
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary
Partner with The Leadership Store and Founder of Calgary Career Counselling, Calgary

Laura runs a psychology practice in Calgary, including managing contractors, developing business, and delivering consulting services to clients. She also completes leadership development assessments, development planning, coaching, counseling, and training. She is also involved in applied research and assessment tool creation. In her role as Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary, she also supervises Honour’s students and periodically teaches I/O related courses.


David Jones – Ph.D., 2004
Associate Professor at School of Business Administration, University of Vermont

Most of David’s time is spent on his research (including several current studies with four graduates of our program—Krista U, Chelsea W, Joe S, and Josh B). David also teaches undergraduate courses in management and organizational behavior, and co-teaches a course on sustainable business. He also conducts about 4 or 5 full-day training sessions each year for managers and business leaders, focusing on leadership and employee motivation.


Wayne Ormond – Ph.D., 2004
Manager Talent Management & Diversity at Husky Energy Inc, Calgary

This role includes oversight of the following departments and functions: Recruitment & Selection, Onboarding and Orientation, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Succession Management, Competency and Learning Management, Organizational Change Management, Knowledge Management, and Diversity and Inclusion.


Stephanie Paquet – Ph.D., 2004
Senior Consultant at Knightsbridge Leadership Solutions, Calgary

Stephanie has spent most of her career consulting with various organizations in the area of talent management, including the design of selection systems, facilitation of leadership development initiatives, succession planning, and assessments. She has worked with leaders at all organizational levels by becoming a trusted partner and coach. She offers sound technical knowledge in the area of industrial and organizational psychology, combined with solid business experience in a variety of industries and sectors.


Krista Uggerslev – Ph.D., 2004
Applied Research Chair – Leadership and Talent, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Krista’s job has three main aspects. First, she conducts a research program funded by SSHRC focused on the bookends of talent (recruitment through to retention), as well as senior leadership pipelines, and demographic and economic challenges leading to labour shortages. She is also responsible for building the research capacity of her colleagues in the JR Shaw School of Business at NAIT; the JRSSB is the largest business school in Western Canada (about 8000 students), and it is new for their faculty to be conducting research – all of which is focused on making a practical impact to organizations today. She also designed, developed, and will deliver two series of leadership development programming at NAIT: one to the leaders at NAIT in the most senior leadership positions, and the second for aspiring leaders through those who have been in their leadership roles for many years.


Colleen Lucas – Ph.D., 2004
Senior Consultant, Knowledge Management at Alberta Health Services

Colleen is currently employed with Alberta Health Services, having started working with the Calgary Health Region as an Evaluation Coordinator upon graduation. Some of the projects she is involved in include: system level evaluation, program evaluation, performance measurement, strategic planning for mental health services, and research in service delivery of mental health services. She also does work in the area of team effectiveness, leadership development, and these days, predominantly knowledge management.


Aoife Brennan – Ph.D., 2003
Project Manager at the Public Service Commission of Canada

Aoife has held many interesting positions since graduating from the I/O psychology program at the UofC. For several years, Aoife worked as a Program Manager at IBM. Following this, Aoife worked at the Public Service Commission of Canada, including work in the Personnel Psychology Centre, and work in the areas of Organizational Development and Organizational Effectiveness.


Janine Keown – Ph.D., 2002
Academic Expert at the Athabasca University; Independent Research Consultant, Contractor

Following graduation, Janine has worked as an independent consultant, as well as a consultant for Jackson Leadership Systems. She also worked for several years as an Instructor at Red Deer College, and has also held positions as an Academic Expert at Athabasca University.


Sandra Rever – Ph.D., 1999
Faculty of Management, University of Lethbridge

Upon graduation Sandra was quickly picked-up by Calgary-based SMED as an internal consultant. Over the last decade or so, she has held several fascinating positions, related to human resources and employment practices in both the applied and academic realms. Within the applied realm, she has worked with Maritime Life, Manulife Financial, and Agrium. She also worked for several years as an Assistant Professor at Mount Royal University, before transitioning to the University of Lethbridge.


Yvonne Sell – Ph.D., 1998    
Head of Leadership and Talent at HayGroup Consulting

Yvonne chose to accept a consulting position at Doilette Consulting upon graduating. She has since moved to HayGroup Consulting where she enjoys the fast-paced life of a very successful Calgary-based management consultant. In 2010, Yvonne took up a position as the Head of Leadership and Talent at Hay Group in London, UK.